Top 5 Reasons to invest in Northern Cyprus?


We understand the appeal of investing in property in North Cyprus. As an emerging market with a favorable climate, beautiful landscapes, and a low cost of living, North Cyprus presents a unique opportunity for property investors.

Why North Cyprus?

North Cyprus has a lot to offer for investors looking for a new market to invest in. Here are a few reasons why investing in North Cyprus is a smart decision:

  1. Affordable Property Prices

The property prices in North Cyprus are significantly lower than other European countries. This means investors can get more for their money and enjoy a better return on investment.

  1. Increasing Tourism

North Cyprus is seeing an increase in tourism, which is great news for property investors. As the number of tourists grows, the demand for rental properties and holiday homes will increase.

  1. Strategic Location

North Cyprus is situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is an ideal location for businesses and investors looking to expand their presence in the region.

  1. High Rental Yields

North Cyprus has high rental yields, which means that investors can earn a good return on their investment through rental income.

  1. Favorable Tax Regime

North Cyprus has a favorable tax regime that makes it an attractive location for investors. The country offers a low tax environment for businesses and investors, which can help increase profits.

Investment Opportunities in North Cyprus

Investors looking to invest in North Cyprus have a range of investment opportunities available to them. Some of the most popular investment opportunities in North Cyprus include:

  1. Residential Property

Residential property is a popular investment option in North Cyprus. Investors can buy apartments, villas, and houses, which they can rent out to tourists or long-term tenants.

  1. Commercial Property

Commercial property is another popular investment option in North Cyprus. Investors can buy shops, offices, and warehouses, which they can rent out to businesses.

  1. Land

Investors can also invest in land in North Cyprus. Land can be developed into residential or commercial properties, which can provide investors with a good return on their investment.


Investing in North Cyprus presents a unique opportunity for property investors. With affordable property prices, high rental yields, and a favorable tax regime, North Cyprus is an attractive investment location. We are committed to helping investors make informed investment decisions. Contact us today to learn more about investment opportunities in North Cyprus.


  • Residential Property: 45.2%

  • Commercial Property: 31.1%

  • Land: 23.7%

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