North Cyprus Real Estate Market 2023

BUY, SELL, INVEST, RENT there has never been a better time.

Forecasting the best time to buy, sell, invest property can be a lottery.  There are many factors to consider and sometimes a crystal ball would be invaluable if it could be relied upon? Financial institutions would confirm that global situations can affect local markets. Geopolitical circumstance as well as commodity fluctuations and currency exchanges are some of the things that are always under scrutiny. From a simpler citizen perspective, we look at seasonal changes and trends as well as other influencing factors to guide our decision on timing, wait, buy or sell which should we opt for to make the most gain out of your money.  After all we all seek a good bargain when compared to the risks from the afore mentioned variables.

All things considered it seems as though gazing into this crystal ball our lucky stars have aligned at this time.  There has never been a better time to buy or invest in North Cyprus property.  It is also for that exact same reason that there has never been a better time to sell too. As the tide of Covid-19 has subsided to manageable levels we return to normality in commerce and industry.  Air travel has opened up which has led to increased tourism on the island.  This means greater confidence in a market place ravaged by insecurity in the recent past.  As goods begin to flow back and forth also the baseline of property has gathered pace as construction is back with a vengeance.  Land values have soared in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and property prices with it.  From an investment point of view this is great news indeed.  Not only can land be bought at competitive rates currently but once built upon the property is sold before its even completed.  This shows the level of security and confidence in the investment market.  Furthermore, from a foreign investor point of view the Dollar, Euro or Sterling exchange rate is very favorable toward the Turkish lira.  The same can not be said for Euro-zone countries.

North Cyprus Real Estate Market and Prices

As property prices continue to gather pace and rates faster than bank interest payments and well above inflation its easy to determine that NOW is the time to buy.  Prices will continue to increase so any purchase made now will yield great results in a short amount of time even if its for a “quick flip” to coin phrase.  That is to say buy now and sell 3-5 months later. North Cyprus is opening up to the world.  New hotels, developments, a new increased capacity airport and international investments from all over the globe make it an attractive place to be.  As confidence elsewhere slows down its booming in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


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