Hiking in North Cyprus – Video Vlog

Hiking in North Cyprus today is May the 4th, and as my son told me this morning, that means it's Star Wars day! I never heart this before. So May the 4th be with you all! 🌟 I loive start wars and start treks even today and I can watch them again and again, just like god father or Rocky. Today, I ventured into the mountains for a hike with a group of people I've never met before. I wanted to stepping...

Retiring in North Cyprus: Hype or Paradise?

Retiring in North Cyprus: Hype or Paradise? Spring is here in North Cyprus, painting our world with beautiful colors and warm breezes. Even though the blazing summer sun hasn't arrived yet, some of my friends are already dipping their toes in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. As someone who calls this lovely place home, I must say that each season here holds a special magic, But there's something...

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