North Cyprus Real Estate

You can call North Cyprus as the latest real estate hotspot to be in the Mediterranean. Along with the help of property buyers from East Europe, West Europe, and the United Kingdom, we can see how this real estate market is thriving as of now. In fact, most people in the Europe are keen to go ahead and purchase property that is available for sale in North Cyprus, so that they can experience all the amazing benefits that would come on their way along with it.

Why is North Cyprus real estate so appealing for international buyers?

Northern Cyprus’ non-Eurozone status, which was formerly seen as a DIS-incentive by many, has suddenly become a big advantage and selling point for international property purchasers. All property prices in North Cyprus are tied to the stable pound sterling, which would be the facto international currency inside the TRNC, where both the pound as well as the Turkish Lira are commonly accepted. Many other Mediterranean property locations, on the other hand, (such as Greece, Spain, or South Cyprus) are all priced in euros, which have lately depreciated in value.

Furthermore, the unpredictability of the Greek banking system, which clearly impacts both Greece and southern Cyprus, is deterring investors from investing in both nations in general. Investors and style of life homebuyers in North Cyprus get “the perfect combination,” with their value of the property repaired to a liquid asset and a cheap housing (thanks to favorable exchange rates against the Turkish Lira), making eating out, shopping, and furnishing options a new North Cyprus estate incredibly cheap.

Airports in North Cyprus

In Cyprus, there are two main airports: Ercan airport in the north and Larnaca Airports in the south. Any property seeker with a European or Commonwealth passports, or a Schengen visa, is welcome to arrive via Larnaca airport, which serves as a worldwide gateway and provides fantastic connections all over the globe. Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus does not need a visa in advance, making it perfect for non-Schengen people who can simply and economically travel to Cyprus through Turkey. These airports contribute a lot towards the progression of North Cyprus real estate market.

If you are impressed with these facts, you may think about going ahead with purchasing property that is available for sale in North Cyprus. This is where you need to get the help of Select Estates International. Select Estates International offers the most luxurious real estate property that is available for sale in North Cyprus. You will fall in love with the property options that are made available for sale by these experts.

Luxury real estate in North Cyprus is another level than any other real estate sales.

People who invest in the North Cyprus property market can expect to receive a luxurious stay. Here are some of the main reasons on how it can be achieved.

Opportunity to experience the most beautiful landscapes.

Northern Cyprus combines history, delicious food, Turkish culture, orchestral music, and other events in a unique way. Where else in the Mediterranean can you find annual classical music festivals set against the hauntingly beautiful Bellapais Monastery, a distinctive Turkish Cypriot cooking styles with such a broad variety of global North Cyprus eating establishments, traditional craft as well as other festivals, and a rich history of old castles, burial sites, and locations going back thousands of years, including Greek temples, Persian Palaces, Roman Cities, Crusader castles, and more, all within such close proximity?

Furthermore, the natural splendor of the Karpaz wilderness as well as the Besparmak mountains that rise behind Kyrenia, “the pearl of the Mediterranean,” leave many first tourists to North Cyprus knowing that they have unintentionally begun a love affair that will become a life-long obsession. It is because of this enthusiasm that many North Cyprus property buyers purchase their small piece of paradise and return to the North Cyprus home year after year.

Education in North Cyprus

With its superior institutions and large number of students in the context of education, Northern Cyprus has always been a nation where the education industry has been a very significant location. With newly created institutions, a lot of universities actively educating has climbed to 18 in recent years. This number will climb to 26 with colleges whose permits have been finalized and are scheduled to begin training shortly. The number of available students in TRNC has surpassed 100,000, and this number is growing at a rate of 12% to 15% every year. This opens up significant potential in both property investment and investment, while also boosting the country’s economy.

Booming tourism industry

According to new TRNC government statistics, tourism in North Cyprus has increased significantly in the last year, with rising numbers arriving from a variety of places, including Europe (up by 25% in France and Germany), North America (up by 10% and 20% in Canada and the United States), Scandinavia (up by 50% in Finland), and even China (up by 18%)! The North Cyprus real estate market is going up rapidly due to the booming tourism industry that you can see.

Low cost of living

Northern Cyprus is often less expensive than Southern Cyprus. The major reason for this is because Northern Cyprus utilizes the Turkish Lira, which is cheaper than the Euro (which is used in Southern Cyprus). Tourists and residents of Northern Cyprus benefit from the Turkish Lira currency because it is cheaper than in Southern Cyprus. It is not just cheaper when dining out, going to the beach, or renting a vehicle because of the currency advantages. When compared to hotels south of the border, North Cyprus often provides greater value and lower cost quality hotels.

To experience all these benefits, you will come across the need to invest your money in purchasing a high-end house. That’s where Select Estates will be able to help you. You just need to work with the experts and get all the help they offer with getting ideal property you want.

Role played by Select Estates International in promoting the North Cyprus property market with video tours.

As you can see, there are numerous great opportunities available for people around the world to invest their money on the North Cyprus real estate market. There are few entities, which are responsible for getting the message about North Cyprus property market to the rest of the world. Select Estates holds a prominent place out of them.

Cenap Turgut is currently engaged in a mission to promote luxury real estate available in North Cyprus for potential buyers in the Europe and other parts of the world. That’s why they have started a series of YouTube videos that conduct video tours of luxury real estate that is available for sale by Select Estates. People who are interested in buying luxury houses in the North Cyprus real estate market will be able to go through those property videos uploaded on YouTube. Then they will be able to get a better idea on what is available out there for sale. After getting an idea, they can simply get in touch with Cenap Turgut and proceed with making their purchases. Cenap Turgut will be able to provide much-needed assistance throughout the entire process, until the transaction is closed.

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