North Cyprus Properties

Property for Sale in North Cyprus by Select Estates International is the leading real estate company in Kyrenia Northern Cyprus. We have luxury but affordable properties for sale in the best locations in North Cyprus. Our professional and expert team is extremely knowledgeable; hence our clients experience a seamless and transparent property buying process with high-quality services.

Luxury Properties for sale in Northern Cyprus

We are a luxury property agency specialising in the Kyrenia region with the most exclusive properties. Our boutique real estate office in Kyrenia is home to a top expert team, possessing unparalleled property market knowledge. We help international and local clients to buy and sell luxury real estate and exclusive villas, apartments, and townhomes in Northern Cyprus

We have personally selected the most luxury and prime located properties including mansions, bungalows, houses, villas, apartments, penthouses, luxury residences, development land, and large country real estates. In one word we have it all. With over 18 years of experience finding people their dream luxury homes, we are specialists in the Kyrenia region for residential sales and property rental markets.

Targeting a highly bespoke luxury property market with a personalised approach, we have assembled a network of ultra-high-net-worth international individuals and investors coupled with high-profile Developments in Northern Cyprus.

North Cyprus Properties

North Cyprus Properties For Sale

Why are North Cyprus properties for sale becoming so incredibly popular? First of all, North Cyprus is one of the most beautiful and diverse islands in the world and waiting to be discovered. Lovely sunny weather is always going to make this beautiful place very attractive.

After the report of Forbes magazine about the North Cyprus property market Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) became the new Mediterranean property investment hotspot! Our experienced team has a proven track record in providing dynamic property, investment services and delivering top value to our clients in Northern Cyprus for over 18 years.

The Cost of property depends on several factors. The price is affected by the quality, size, and of course location. If you are looking to buy property in the primary market, then it will cost a little more than in the secondary, and this must be taken into account at the search stage. The average cost of property in Northern Cyprus is now about 850-1300 GBP per square meter. This is significantly lower than any other country in Europe.

Why Invest in the North Cyprus property market

  • 1 Popular location in Europe
  • 5-8%- Rental Yields
  • 5% Capital Gain
  • Dynamic Education and Tourism Sector
  • Strategic Location
  • Cheap property Prices

With buyers from the UK, East, and West Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, Australia, China, and Iran increasingly lining up to buy a North Cyprus Properties.

Northern Cyprus Property Investment Kyrenia

The city topping all property performance indexes, Kyrenia is one of the countries strongest investment locations. Limited development plots in Kyrenia and official figures state that Kyrenia city center will remain undersupplied of residential property in the future. More people than ever before are expected to live study and work in Kyrenia over the next decade.

Investment property in Kyrenia will continue to be one of the most in-demand assets from the region. Don’t miss your chance to take your place in this thriving real estate market in Kyrenia North Cyprus. Buy to let properties like 1+1 and 2+1 apartments will have continued rapid capital growth.

Why You Should Invest Real Estate in Kyrenia North Cyprus?

More global investors are looking for long-term growth and choosing North Cyprus Kyrenia. In recent years there have been more people living in the city center – and most rent apartments. The result is an undersupplied property market which is creating significant opportunities for property investors.

North Cyprus  real estate agents

If you think all Estate Agents are the same in North Cyprus then you haven’t worked with Select Estates International.

Over the course of almost two decades in the Real Estate sector Cenap and his wife Ozyar have developed and honed their skills with a dynamic and forward-thinking application as would befit a 21st century business.  What’s made them so successful is their attention to detail and the diligence they incorporate into their work.    Select Estates International provides the best service because they continue to build on a solid reputation they’ve earned and they understand that reputation is everything.

There are a number of key factors which are fundamental to building a good reliable reputation.  These are foundations of Select Estates International.

  1. Understanding the market place.

Being able to determine accurately market trends upward and downward turns.  Understanding how global issues affect the market place either in a positive or negative way which in turn affect valuations and sales of properties.  Select Estates International have their finger on the pulse.  Its important to analyse domestic and global issues which relate to land and property and be ahead of the game.  Good information and analysis of data from various sources can only be effective with strategic market procedures.


  1. Networking

Gathering market data and implementing a robust strategy internationally making the most effective use of resources requires networking.  An efficient networking policy and teams create success.  Select Estates International have networking agreements with international partners and buyers private individuals including high-net-worth investors from UK, Germany, Dubai, Israel the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


  1. Understanding the clients’ requirements.

Select Estates International are expert realtors in Northern Cyprus because they listen to and understand the client’s property criteria.

Based in the hot tourist location of Kyrenia (Girne) they know the ins and outs of living on the island.  This in-depth knowledge is hugely important for buyers and investors who benefit from their expertise.  They guide you every step of the way starting with making the right choice of property for you based on your criteria.  For example, they can assist families with an elderly parent or sick partner who requires more regular care by offering properties close to hospitals or care homes.  They can offer properties close to the best private schools or universities for families with children.


  1. Matching appropriate buyers to sellers enhances one’s reputation.

An exceptional realtor listens to and understands the sellers’ expectations while assessing the buyer’s integrity also.  Its not for the sake of showing as many people as many houses that one acquires a good reputation.  Select Estates International look at the affordability of the buyer.  Matching the right buyer to the right seller not only saves time for everyone and minimises any frustrations but also generates a sale in the most hassle free and pleasant way.  Clients can even buy property in Northern Cyprus with Select Estates using Bitcoin crypto currency, yet another benefit.


  1. Select Estates International have a hugely popular and successful high tech marketing platform advertised withing multimedia providers.  Using drone technology as well as photographs they present advertised in the most visual way.  Potential buyers can see on video a birds-eye view of the entirety of the property and its neighbourhood in geographic proximity with its wider location.  From a buyer’s perspective they can have a virtual tour of the property, the village and the district also.  This amazing feature in all their property advertisements has made Select Estates International grow from strength to strength especially to overseas buyers.   Many buyers from abroad have bought properties this way from Select Estates solely from the video content.  These can be seen on and on Facebook.

Select Estates International has a growing fan base on with over 1,100 followers.  The latest videos are uploaded and can be viewed on any device anywhere in the world.


  1. Information Select Estates International constantly ahead of the game.  The website is frequently updated with properties but also with Cyprus non-political news.  The have interesting articles for people and families looking to relocate to Northern Cyprus on a wide variety of useful topics.  Some of the articles include English Schools in Northern Cyprus and the education system they use, Bringing your own furniture to Northern Cyprus-Shipping agents and customs duty, heath-care and the difference between state hospitals and private ones and many more.

Select Estates International have built a reputation on outstanding service delivery focused on achieving results in a fair and trusted ethical way.  They keep abreast of the trends and are proactive.  They also provide the full package of services from survey, searches into documentation and locality, full legal assistance from beginning to end and updates throughout the process.  They are motivated and dynamic with a non-stop focus on service.  They can provide translation services and have network resources to assist global partners and clients.  Their experts in luxury property sales catering also to high-net-worth buyers and investors, that’s why they are the best in Northern Cyprus.


Why we are different than other estate agents?

Because we are the experts in the field at North Cyprus real estate market. Everything we do will give you a better smooth experience whether buying, selling, or letting your real estate. We have been in the real estate market for over 18 Years advising Buyers and Sellers in the Kyrenia property market.

We aim to maximize the sales potential of your property in the shortest possible time. Our VALUES capture our commitment to provide ethical, professional, responsible, and honest conduct in our dealings.

Our VISION is to be the real estate adviser of choice in North Cyprus. We do not wish to be the biggest, just the best (by our clients).

North Cyprus Villas for Sale

Why is buying a Villa in North Cyprus reasonable compared to buying a Villa in any other country?

Let’s find out why villas for sale in North Cyprus are more reasonable. First, we will look at the features of this country and then compare the Villas prices of Northern Cyprus by other locations like Spain, South Cyprus, Turkey, and Dubai.

North Cyprus villas offer a wide range of luxury houses and villas for sale or rent. On our website, you will find the best-selected villas for any taste and budget in the best Northern Cyprus locations.

Search among the best affordable and luxury villas for sale published on our website and YouTube channel where we are touring properties.

North Cyprus Apartments For Sale

North Cyprus Apartments For Sale

Is investing in an apartment building a good investment in Kyrenia?

Investing in apartments is one of the best investment strategies for those who need passive monthly income with slow but steady capital appreciation.

Over the past few years, the North Cyprus property market has grown exponentially in every field. The country has taken advantage of its diversity, contrasts, and geographical location.

The country is appealing to foreign investors because it provides quick access to important markets like Europe, Turkey,  Africa, Asia, Russia, and the Middle East.

North Cyprus is a varied and exciting country, but all investments should not be considered equal.

A buy to let apartment is a good source of a passive income that many people enjoy late in their working life and/or towards their retirement. Apartments across the country earn a rental yield of 5-8% per annum in the first few years for a steadily rented-out property.

North Properties for sale by owners

Some buyers are searching Properties for sale by owners in North Cyprus.

Or Do you need a real estate agent’s help to buy your home?

Trying to get any cost savings by not employing an estate agent may not get a buyer the best price for a home. These types of house owners focus on money and inflate their selling price, the seller who is acting on their own most probably overprice their home.

Real estate agents will confirm the property value and assist the buyer to negotiate the best price.

Beachfront properties in North Cyprus | Beachfront property for sale in Northern CYPRUS

[Beachfront homes for sale]

Please note that due to privacy settings it may be that some of the beachfront properties for sale in Kyrenia cannot be displayed due to confidential agreements with property owners for sale. If you are looking for beachfront luxury properties for sale in Northern Cyprus than contact us for private house sales by owner.

Why buy from estate agents in North Cyprus.

  • Your real estate agent has experience in real estate transactions
  • Buyer don’t pay a fee to the estate agent
  • Your real estate agent is a skilled negotiator
  • Your real estate agent knows the property market
  • Your real estate agent knows the rules and regulations of the market
  • Your real estate agent will guide you to a seamless process.


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