Where is the cheapest place to live in Northern Cyprus?

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Are you dreaming of a Mediterranean lifestyle without breaking the bank? Northern Cyprus emerges as a hidden gem for expatriates seeking affordable living standards in a picturesque setting. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the cost of living, explore the scenic beauty of the Kyrenia Mountains, and highlight the most budget-friendly places to live in Northern Cyprus.

Understanding the Cost of Living

The cost of living in Northern Cyprus is notably lower compared to many European countries, making it an attractive destination for expatriates, retirees, and students alike. Various factors influence the overall expenses, including housing, utilities, transportation, food, healthcare, and entertainment. Let’s break down these components to provide a comprehensive overview.

Housing Affordability

One of the key factors contributing to Northern Cyprus’s affordability is the reasonable cost of housing. Rental prices for apartments and houses are significantly more affordable than those in many European cities, making it an ideal destination for expatriates on a budget. The guide offers insights into the varying rental prices based on location and property type.

Utilities and Transportation

Moderate utility costs, including electricity, water, heating, and internet, contribute to the overall affordability of living in Northern Cyprus. While public transportation is limited, fuel prices are generally lower than in many European countries. The guide emphasizes the convenience of owning a car for expatriates who choose to settle in this charming destination.

Economical Food and Healthcare

Grocery expenses in Northern Cyprus are reasonable, with fresh produce being generally affordable. Dining out at local restaurants or cafes is often more economical compared to other European destinations, adding to the overall cost-effectiveness. Healthcare costs are typically lower than in Western European countries, with both public and private healthcare services available.

Entertainment and Leisure on a Budget

Northern Cyprus offers affordable options for entertainment, leisure activities, and cultural events. Expatriates can enjoy various recreational activities without straining their budgets. The guide sheds light on the accessible and cost-effective avenues for entertainment in this Mediterranean haven.

Scenic Wonders of Northern Cyprus

Beyond its affordability, Northern Cyprus boasts a magnificent coastline framed by the Kyrenia Mountains, also known as the Five Finger Mountains. The blog highlights the stunning natural beauty of this region, emphasizing its narrow mountain range, picturesque villages, and splendid Mediterranean beaches.

Exploring Budget-Friendly Towns:

  1. Kyrenia: Despite being a major cultural and economic center, Kyrenia offers a vibrant lifestyle at an affordable cost. Expatriates can explore the town’s attractions, including the Kyrenia Castle, marina, and traditional St. Andrew’s church. The guide provides insights into the town’s amenities, connectivity, and nearby locations suitable for a quieter life.
  2. Bellapais: Known for its beauty and tranquility, Bellapais is a small village in the mountains, offering unprecedented views and a 13th-century abbey. Expatriates seeking a peaceful retreat close to Kyrenia can find solace in Bellapais, and the guide explores its cultural significance and the annual Bellapais International Music Festival.
  3. Famagusta: Famagusta, with its ancient walled city and modern developments, is a bustling town on the east coast of Cyprus. The guide highlights Famagusta’s deep harbor, vibrant atmosphere, and proximity to the best beaches on the island. Expatriates can discover the town’s lively culture, student population, and annual festivals.
  4. Iskele and Bogaz: Yeni Iskele, also known as Trikomo, is a popular village among British expats. The guide discusses the village’s annual festivals and its significance as a tourist center. Bogaz, a traditional fishing village with proximity to the Karpaz Peninsula, offers a laid-back lifestyle, attracting expats with its fresh fish restaurants and tranquil surroundings.
  5. Nicosia: While Nicosia may not be the most popular choice for expats due to its inland location, the guide highlights the advantages of living in North Nicosia. Expatriates can explore the historic walled city, Sarayönü Square, and Dereboyu region for modern business centers and entertainment areas.


As you consider the cheapest place to live in Northern Cyprus, weigh the affordability of living against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and vibrant town life. Whether you prefer the coastal charm of Kyrenia, the tranquility of Bellapais, the bustling atmosphere of Famagusta, or the affordability of Nicosia, Northern Cyprus offers a range of options for expatriates seeking an economical and picturesque lifestyle.


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