Where is the best place to buy in Northern Cyprus?

best places to buy in Northern Cyprus

Cyprus, a stunning country in the Mediterranean, is a sought-after destination for expats considering living abroad. In this post, we focus on the municipalities of North Cyprus, aiming to provide valuable insights for those interested in making an informed choice about towns, cities, and villages. With its population of under 400,000, the Turkish Cypriot region in the north offers ample room for development, showcasing a growing economy, 120 miles of beautiful beaches, affordable living expenses, and delightful weather year-round. Let’s delve into the key towns of North Cyprus and why they stand out.

Best Places in Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia – North Cyprus: Kyrenia, with its rich history dating back to the 10th century BC, holds a significant place in Cyprus. Situated just 40 miles from the Turkish mainland on the north coast, Kyrenia became a bustling commerce hub. The harbor front, once warehouses storing carob and valuable cargo, is now adorned with cafes and restaurants. The old town’s winding alleyways, ideal for buying gifts and souvenirs, lead to boat excursions showcasing the sparkling coastline.

Lapta – North Cyprus: Located 6 miles west of Kyrenia’s downtown, Lapta is a charming town nestled between the Kyrenia mountain range and the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Boasting one of the most picturesque coastlines in North Cyprus, Lapta is emerging as a key tourism destination. With beaches, hotels, nightlife, and natural beauty, Lapta is a favored spot for vacations and second homes.

Alsancak – North Cyprus: West of Kyrenia, Alsancak is a tranquil region with the green Kyrenia mountain range behind it and the azure Mediterranean Sea in front. Offering exceptional natural beauty and stunning views of the sea, Alsancak is approximately a 10-minute drive from Kyrenia’s city center, making it an ideal location for those seeking a peaceful yet accessible lifestyle.

Bahceli – North Cyprus: East of Kyrenia, Bahceli has long attracted those looking to purchase holiday homes. Nestled at the base of the Five Finger mountains, Bahceli offers picturesque coves, sandy beaches, and mountains with tree-covered peaks. Golf enthusiasts appreciate its proximity to the Korineum Golf and Beach Resort, featuring an 18-hole championship course.

Iskele Long Beach – North Cyprus: Home to one of the most well-known beaches, Long Beach in Iskele attracts hundreds of people during the summer months. Boasting sun loungers, umbrellas, and beach bars, Long Beach offers more than just seaside pleasures; the surrounding land extends into old ruins and olive trees. Recognized as the best real estate investment in 2021 by Forbes magazine, Iskele is thriving with a booming tourism industry and luxurious amenities.

Tatlisu – North Cyprus: Located 40 kilometers east of Kyrenia, Tatlisu sits between the Mediterranean shore and the Five Finger mountain range. Known for its beachside residences and numerous beach clubs, Tatlisu provides a deep connection to nature. With easy access to Iskele and Kyrenia, Tatlisu offers a tranquil retreat with vibrant bars, restaurants, and shops.

Catalkoy – North Cyprus: Exemplifying a Mediterranean getaway with whitewashed buildings and bougainvillea-lined streets, Catalkoy offers traditional North Cyprus living with modern conveniences. Close to Kyrenia town and Ercan Airport, Catalkoy provides a well-rounded living experience. Its proximity to various beaches, including Karakum, Acapulco, and Alagadi, adds to its charm.

Esentepe – North Cyprus: A small coastal town, Esentepe boasts breathtaking natural scenery, including stunning beaches. Situated where the sea meets the mountain, Esentepe offers an environmentally conscious approach to construction, restricting buildings to just two floors. Homeowners benefit from oceanfront living and proximity to the Korineum Golf & Beach Resort.

Bafra – North Cyprus: Located on the Bafra coastline region of Northern Cyprus, part of the Karpaz Peninsula, Bafra is known for its unspoiled beauty, sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and expansive open spaces. An ideal investment region, Bafra provides opportunities for exploring historical sites, coastal fishing villages, and tourist attractions.

More About Northern Cyprus

Homes in North Cyprus: Whether for personal use or investment, living in a foreign country with a low cost of living is a great choice in North Cyprus. The region offers a wide variety of property types, allowing individuals to choose the perfect residence. From apartments to villas, North Cyprus provides diverse options for potential homeowners.

Kyrenia: As one of the districts of Northern Cyprus, Kyrenia offers a vibrant lifestyle, attracting tourists from around the world, especially during the summer months. With an area of approximately 50 square kilometers, Kyrenia boasts historical monuments, shopping centers, tourism facilities, nightlife, and restaurants. The city is home to the renowned Kyrenia Castle and serves as a hub for tourism and education, making it an attractive option for both residents and investors.

Famagusta: Situated on the east coast of Cyprus, Famagusta hosts the deepest port on the island. With a rich history, long beaches, and unique structures surrounded by walls, Famagusta is a significant tourist destination. The city’s International Art and Culture Festival, held annually, adds to its cultural vibrancy. Famagusta’s strategic location and tourism appeal make it an ideal choice for those considering real estate investment.

Iskele Long Beach: Known for its reliance on tourism, fishing, and farming, Iskele town’s Long Beach has become a popular destination. With hot weather throughout the year and beautiful landscapes, Iskele Long Beach offers a blend of blue and green, making it a favorite spot during the summer months. The town’s easy accessibility and carefully planned landscaping contribute to its popularity among investors.

Investing in Northern Cyprus Real Estate: Northern Cyprus has witnessed significant development in the real estate sector, making it an attractive option for investors. Regions like Kyrenia, Famagusta, Iskele, Girne, and Güzelyurt offer unique opportunities for holiday, tourism, and investment. For those seeking a foreign real estate investment, Northern Cyprus presents a compelling case.

In conclusion, Northern Cyprus stands out as a region with diverse towns and cities, each offering a unique living experience. Whether it’s the historical charm of Kyrenia, the cultural richness of Famagusta, or the tranquil beauty of Iskele Long Beach, investors and expatriates have a range of options to explore in this Mediterranean gem. Consider the ideal town that aligns with your preferences, and explore the numerous opportunities Northern Cyprus has to offer.

Best Place to Buy in Northern Cyprus: For those looking to invest in Northern Cyprus real estate, the choices are abundant. Kyrenia, Famagusta, Iskele, Girne, and Güzelyurt emerge as prime locations, each with its distinctive charm and appeal. Whether you prefer the vibrant lifestyle of Kyrenia, the historical richness of Famagusta, or the serene beauty of Iskele Long Beach, Northern Cyprus provides an array of options for property.



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