Where do most expats live in Northern Cyprus?


A Comprehensive Guide to Expat-Friendly Locations

Embarking on a new chapter in North Cyprus? Discover the charm of this Mediterranean destination with our comprehensive guide to expat-friendly locations. From residency and visas to the cost of living, healthcare, and education, this guide provides crucial insights for a successful move. Let’s explore what makes North Cyprus a desirable destination for expats and the top three towns where most expats choose to live.

North Cyprus Highlights

North Cyprus offers expats the perks of the Mediterranean lifestyle at an attractive price. Despite economic challenges and embargoes, the cost of living and property in North Cyprus is significantly lower than in most European countries. Expats, especially retirees, find the advantage of stretching their pension income, making the northern part of Cyprus an ideal destination for a fulfilling life.

Residency and Visas

Securing long-term residency in North Cyprus is a straightforward process. The guide provides essential information on how expats can navigate the residency and visa requirements, ensuring a smooth transition to their new Mediterranean home.

Cost of Living

Understanding the essential costs, taxes, property expenses, and healthcare is crucial for expats planning to settle in North Cyprus. The guide breaks down these aspects, providing valuable insights into managing the cost of living effectively.

North Cyprus as a Retirement Destination

For retirees seeking a Mediterranean retirement without the hefty price tag, North Cyprus is a hidden gem. The guide explores why the region is gaining popularity among expat retirees, offering a comfortable and affordable lifestyle.

Top Towns for Expats in Northern Cyprus:

West Kyrenia:

  1. Lapta: Nestled in West Kyrenia, Lapta is a charming village that captivates expats with its scenic beauty. Surrounded by lush landscapes and offering stunning sea views, Lapta provides a tranquil escape. Expatriates in Lapta can explore traditional Cypriot culture while enjoying the convenience of local amenities.
  2. Alsancak: Known for its vibrant expat community, Alsancak is a popular neighborhood in West Kyrenia. Expats residing here can relish the best of both worlds with a mix of mountains and beaches. The area boasts a national park with walking and running paths, making it ideal for a relaxed morning walk. Additionally, Alsancak offers a range of facilities and attractions for a fulfilling expatriate experience.
  3. Karsıyaka: A picturesque village in West Kyrenia, provides expats with a peaceful setting and a close-knit community. Surrounded by nature, Karsıyaka offers a serene environment while being in proximity to the amenities in Kyrenia. Expatriates can enjoy the local charm, with quaint cafes and traditional shops creating a delightful living experience.

East Kyrenia:

  1. Catalkoy: East Kyrenia welcomes expats to the charming village of Catalkoy, known for its relaxed atmosphere and proximity to the sea. Expatriates can enjoy the coastal lifestyle and explore historical sites like Bellapais Abbey. Catalkoy offers a mix of traditional and modern living, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a laid-back yet convenient lifestyle.
  2. Ozankoy: Ozankoy, with its olive, carob, and lemon trees, is a tranquil village in East Kyrenia. Expats residing in Ozankoy experience the beauty of the Bellapais Abbey from a distance. The village, adorned with medieval churches and mosques, provides a traditional and peaceful living environment for expatriates.
  3. Esentepe: Known for its stunning beaches and the renowned Korineum Golf & Beach Resort, Esentepe is an expat haven in East Kyrenia. Expatriates can indulge in a range of recreational activities, from golfing to enjoying the pristine beaches. Esentepe offers a mix of natural beauty and modern amenities, making it an attractive destination for expats seeking an active lifestyle.
  4. Tatlısu: Tatlısu, situated in East Kyrenia, provides expats with a serene and authentic Cypriot experience. Expatriates in Tatlısu can enjoy the tranquility of the village while being close to nature. The region’s natural beauty, coupled with a welcoming community, makes Tatlısu an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat.


Whether you are considering North Cyprus for retirement or a new expat experience, understanding the highlights, residency processes, and the best towns to live in is crucial. This comprehensive guide provides the necessary information for a successful move to North Cyprus, helping you make informed decisions and embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle with ease.


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