Activities in North Cyprus

Whether you are traveling with young children or older kids, North Cyprus has a ton of entertaining family-friendly activities and things to do, so they won’t get bored!

Activities in North Cyprus


Activities in North Cyprus
Activities in North Cyprus

The beaches in North Cyprus are a fantastic place to spend the day because they have just been recognized as having the cleanest seas in all of Europe. While older children can explore the rock pools and go snorkeling to see the vibrant underwater life that can be found in the crystal blue seas, younger children can have fun making sandcastles, collecting fascinating shells, and paddling.

Water sports

Activities in North Cyprus
Activities in North Cyprus

Mehmetçik Bafra beach and Escape Beach & Denizkizi Beach in Alasancak are well-known for their watersports. There are water sports and activities for people of all ages to enjoy, including banana boat rides, surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing, pedal boats, parasailing, diving, canoeing, and snorkeling. As some hotels also provide their own services, which may change depending on the season, find out which beaches are offering watersports by speaking with your hotel or a Holiday Representative.


Welcome from North Cyprus’ intriguing and distinctive underwater world, where you may take advantage of the longest diving season in the Mediterranean.

There are many beaches in Kyrenia and Famagusta that provide a range of water sports, including jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, and wind-surfing.


All during the summer, Kyrenia Harbour offers boat and yacht cruises. Spend some time locating a decent service because there are numerous sellers.

Water parks

Activities in North Cyprus
Activities in North Cyprus

One of Cyprus’ top aqua parks is located at the Acapulco Beach and Spa Resort Hotel near Catalkoy, where guests may spend a fun-filled day on slides, flumes, and enormous swimming pools. This is a fantastic day out for the whole family, featuring 24 vibrant waterslides, thrilling water chutes and water guns, as well as 3 magnificent outdoor pools. If you are not staying at the hotel, there is a minor admission fee to pay, however this grants you access to the entire park, including the Luna Park amusement park.

Turtle Watching

Activities in North Cyprus
Activities in North Cyprus

For kids who can be quiet, seeing the turtles lay their eggs or the young hatch at Turtle Shack at Guzelyali Beach close to Karşiyaka or Alagadi Beach close to Esentepe is an unforgettable experience. The nighttime (often all-night) turtle tours give visitors the chance to witness the enormous Caretta Caretta or Loggerhead turtles making their way up the beach to deposit their eggs or the young turtles hatching and swimming toward the ocean. If you are considering a day trip there, you might also consider going to the Ayfilon Beach and ruins in the Karpaz Peninsula.


One of the most exciting things to do in North Cyprus is observing turtles. You can see these lovely creatures in some protected places.

Natural Walks

Activities in North Cyprus
Activities in North Cyprus

There is so much natural beauty in North Cyprus. Take kids on a stroll along one of the many accessible walking paths, or just let them explore the neighborhood. The many species, such as chameleons, lizards, cicadas, and geckos, will captivate them. There are many other flowers to find that they are likely to have never seen, such the lovely bee orchid. Make a day of it and see how much they can learn!


Northern Cyprus is a great location for avid photographers because of its abundance and diversity of landscapes. You should be careful not to take photos close to army bases.

Bird Watching

In Cyprus, you may observe 347 different bird species. Only 46 of these, though, are indigenous to Cyprus, and only 7 of those are the endemic subspecies.


In the Kyrenia and Famagusta regions, there are a number of official camping grounds that provide amenities including restrooms, toilets, restaurants, and bars.


You are free to explore a number of caverns in Northern Cyprus. One is the Hot Cave, which is located on the southern slopes of Five Finger Mountain, north of the settlement of Agirdag.


In addition to the sun, sea, historical monuments, and natural beauty, North Cyprus has much to offer. The North Cyprus Herbarium, which is filled with plants, is one unexpected draw.


There are numerous open areas and mountain hikes where one can find wild orchids, including the bee orchid.

Karpaz Donkeys

Activities in North Cyprus
Activities in North Cyprus

The children will enjoy feeding the amiable and gentle wild donkeys at the donkey sanctuary on the point of the Karpaz Peninsula, as well as the breathtaking vistas along the way. The trip up to the sanctuary is well worth the “are we there yet?”s. Just remember to eat your carrots!

Visit a Castle

Activities in North Cyprus
Activities in North Cyprus

Kids will enjoy exploring all the different regions, even if they are not very interested in the history, because there are so many amazing castles to pick from. St. Hilarion Castle is well-known for allegedly serving as the model for Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty,” Kyrenia Castle has a shipwreck from 300 BC, and Kantara Castle offers breathtaking views of the entire island of Cyprus. You can also check out best places to visit in North Cyprus.

Sightseeing Tours

Some hotels and vacation operators plan their own bus trips around the island.

Chill at your Hotel

Activities in North Cyprus
Activities in North Cyprus

Numerous hotels with casinos in North Cyprus provide entertainment and activities tailored to various age groups of kids, from infants to older teenagers, giving adults a well-deserved break. Animation shows, water games, play areas, and kid-friendly entertainment are all available, but sometimes you just need to relax by the hotel pool.

Boat Trips

Activities in North Cyprus

Daily boat tours with breathtaking scenery leave from Kyrenia Harbour. You can select from a range of excursion lengths, including morning, afternoon, all-day, and sunset cruises. Most trips include lunch, and all make stops along the way so you may partake in aquatic activities like swimming, snorkeling, or just some sunbathing on the upper deck. There are two different types of trips available: a tranquil and restful boat cruise, or an action-packed boat tour with foam parties and music, perfect for younger travelers.


Activities in North Cyprus
Activities in North Cyprus

The majority of hotels in Northern Cyprus include sports amenities, such as tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, water aerobics lessons, and football fields, as well as day tours for other activities like horseback riding or go-karting. Simply ask at the front desk or your travel agent when making your reservation.


One of the largest golf clubs in North Cyprus is Korineum Golf Club. A golf course with 8 holes is available. Turtle Beach is 5 miles away from it. Golf clubs offer cutting-edge amenities including opulent spas and fantastic dining options.


Numerous organizations in the Girne region provide hiking trips, which are often performed in the Girne mountain range, for individuals of all ages and physical abilities.


The Hunting and Shooting Federation was the original name of the TRNC Shooting Federation, which was founded in 1974. Hunting and shooting were separated in 1996.

Horse Riding

A number of stables, including Catalkoy near Kyrenia, provide riding lessons in the Girne and Gazi Magusa regions. Customers may also rent horses from some stables to use for transportation.


Many Turkish Cypriot men’s primary hobby is hunting. The season only takes place on Sundays from October through February. Hunting grounds are under stringent regulation.

Go Karting

The ZET International Karting Circuit features one of the greatest racing surfaces in the area and meets or surpasses the highest European standards.


Paintball has risen to prominence as one of the most thrilling outdoor activities in less than ten years. In a few places in Kyrenia, paintball is played.

National Parks

The Karpaz Peninsula in Northern Cyprus is home to one national park. Here you can find a variety of birds, wild donkeys, turtles, unusual plants, and breathtakingly gorgeous beaches. Also there is more plenty of Activities in North Cyprus.

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