What is North Cyprus currency?

What is North Cyprus currency? Turkish Cyprus Currency

The currency used in North Cyprus is the Turkish lira (TRY). As North Cyprus is not recognized by the international community as a separate country, it does not have its own currency. Instead, the Turkish lira is used as the official currency of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), and it is widely accepted across the region.

It is worth noting that the exchange rate between the Turkish lira and other currencies, such as the Euro or US Dollar, can fluctuate considerably. Travelers to North Cyprus are advised to check the latest exchange rates and be aware of any potential fees or charges associated with exchanging currency. Some businesses in North Cyprus may also accept other currencies, such as Euros or British pounds, but this is at their discretion, and the exchange rate may not be favorable.

It is also important to note that while the Turkish lira is used in North Cyprus, it is not recognized as an official currency outside of Turkey and North Cyprus. This means that it may not be widely accepted in other countries, and travelers may need to exchange their currency before traveling to other destinations.


Understanding the Currency of North Cyprus: A Comprehensive Guide


Get all the essential information about the currency of North Cyprus. Learn about its history, exchange rates, and practical tips for managing your finances in this region.

Are you planning a visit or considering an investment in North Cyprus? Understanding the local currency is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free experience. In this guide, we provide comprehensive information about the currency used in North Cyprus, including its history, current exchange rates, and practical tips to help you manage your finances effectively.


History of the North Cyprus Currency:

North Cyprus uses the Turkish lira (TRY) as its official currency. Prior to 2005, the Turkish lira was denoted as “TL”. After the currency reform in Turkey, the “new” Turkish lira was introduced, and the currency symbol changed to “TRY”. This change affected North Cyprus as well, making the Turkish lira the sole legal tender in the region.


Exchange Rates and Conversion:

It’s essential to stay updated on the exchange rates when dealing with the North Cyprus currency. The exchange rate between the Turkish lira (TRY) and major foreign currencies, such as the US dollar (USD) or the Euro (EUR), fluctuates regularly. To ensure you get the best value for your money, consider exchanging currency at authorized exchange offices, banks, or using reliable online platforms. It’s advisable to compare rates and transaction fees to make an informed decision.


Currency Exchange Tips:

When exchanging currency in North Cyprus, keep the following tips in mind:

Research and compare exchange rates from different sources to find the most favorable rates.

Be cautious of unofficial exchange offices or individuals offering currency exchange services, as they may not provide competitive rates or may engage in fraudulent activities.

Plan your currency exchange in advance to avoid last-minute rush and potential inconveniences.

Inform your bank about your travel plans to ensure smooth usage of your debit or credit cards in North Cyprus, and inquire about any associated fees.

Using Credit and Debit Cards:

Major credit and debit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, are widely accepted in North Cyprus. However, it’s always advisable to carry some cash for smaller establishments that may not have card payment facilities. Familiarize yourself with any foreign transaction fees or currency conversion charges that may apply when using your cards abroad.


ATMs and Banking Services:

ATMs are readily available in North Cyprus, providing convenient access to cash. Ensure that your debit or credit card is enabled for international transactions and check for any associated fees. Inform your bank about your travel plans to prevent any potential card usage issues. It’s also advisable to carry emergency contact numbers for your bank in case of any unforeseen circumstances.


Understanding the currency of North Cyprus is essential for anyone visiting or considering investment in the region. With the Turkish lira as the official currency, it’s important to stay updated on exchange rates, manage your finances wisely, and make informed decisions when exchanging currency. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can ensure a smooth financial experience during your time in North Cyprus.

Remember to consult with official sources, banks, or financial experts for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding currency exchange in North Cyprus.

List of exchange offices in North Cyprus

Monex Exchange Döviz

Currency exchange service

10+ years in business
Open ⋅ Closes 6 pmKyrenia+90 392 815 70 05
Clearpoint Foreign Exchange Ltd.

Currency exchange service

5+ years in business
Open ⋅ Closes 6 pmNicosia+90 392 444 03 65
Sun doviz Exchange office


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