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Lapta Northern Cyprus Property

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Lapta is a small town located on the mountainside down the sea. It has around 8,000 people and is 8 miles away from Kyrenia city. The town offers impressive sites to the sea in the north with several hotels. The place also provides houses for resale for people willing to relocate or searching for a place to stay while on vacation.

Do you want to know more about Lapta? What places are worth visiting, and what are the historical events associated with the place? Continue reading till the end to learn more about Lapta.

Lapta Location

Between the west and north highest peaks of mountains in the five finger mountains Selvili Tepe, there is a small town, Lapta or Laphitos or Lampusa. Among all the iconic places in Northern Cyprus, Lapta grasps most of the attention of tourists.

Moreover, every corner of Lapta is filled with many oranges and lemon grooves and other types of fruit orchards that take its beauty to another level. This town is very fortunate as it has its water source from ‘Baspinar.’ Initially, Cyprus was divided into nine kingdoms, and Lapta was its capital. Lambousa is another small ancient Greek town located on a coast 3km away north of Lapta.

History of Lapta

During Roman times, the Lapta has close to 10,000 residents. It was one of the four districts of Cyprus with a huge following and popularity due to processing of copper and pottery making.

Barnabas and fellow preachers started spreading Christianity in their mosques during the initial years of Christianity. The Lapta city had walls that Barnabas was not allowed to cross at that time.

Lapta was heavily damaged during the Arab Islamic incursions. Many people escape from there as refugees and seek shelter in neighbouring cities. The Byzantine Empire recovered it from Arab and thickened the city walls for extra security.

The king of Lapta’ Nicoreon’ and his fellows contacted Alexander the Great to capture Tyre (a city of Lebonan). After this, Alexander set Cyprus free from the Persians and let them make a separate state.

Saint Barnabas

Saint Barnabas was the founder of a church in Cyprus. He was born in Salamis and was brought up by Jews named Joseph. When he was young, he sold his property and dedicated the money to campaigners in Jerusalem; since then, people started calling him ‘Barnabas’ referred to as ‘man of encouragement.’

Later on, the saint, along with his fellows, started his journey for preaching in Jewish mosques across the island. Eventually, the group moved to the Nea Pafos, presently known as Harbour. The legend Saint Barnabas spend all his life spreading love and Christianity. The tomb and monastery are named after him in Lapta. It is a remarkable sight due to its mesmerising view and calm atmosphere.

Places to Visit in Lapithos

Despite the beautiful weather, there are 2 mosques, 14 churches, and 2 monasteries in Lapta. If you plan to visit Lapta, you must consider visiting these places. These include:

  1. Saint Theodoros Church
  2. Saint Minas Church
  3. Saint Anastasia Church
  4. Saint Luka Church
  5. Saint Evlambios Church
  6. Haydar Pashazade Mosque
  7. Mehmet Agha Mosque
  8. Saint Evlalios Church

Moreover, there are beautiful hotels along the beachside, including the great Alexander hotel. These hotels offer rooms with personal balconies to enable the visitors to enjoy the mesmerising views better.

Due to its beautiful sights and historical significance, Lapta is a prime choice for many tourists, including Germans and Russians. It is a greener town with productive corners and its own clean water sources. If you are fond of history or love to stay closer to nature, plan your next vacation trip to Lapta for beautiful insights.


Lapta Real Estate: Why Lapta is a Great Choice for Buyers

  1. Lapta properties are more cheaper then any other towns at the moment however this doesn’t promise any longer.
  2. The popular town offers social facilities such as Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Beaches, and a small Fishing Harbour. Due to it being so peaceful, it has become a popular residential area for ex-pat communities.
  3. With plans in place for the New Marina project, expected to be completed within the next few years, Lapta really is an up-and-coming HOT SPOT.

With the planned Lapta Marina project only 1.7 km away and Lapta center which is a bustle of local markets, barbers & traditional buildings only 3.5km from the project.  You will also find Mare Monte Public Beach, 7m away and the luxurious Merit Royal Hotel and Casino only 7.4 km. Kyrenia City Centre and the State Hospital is 19km and you can fly into either Ercan Airport which is 58 km or Larnaca Airport which is 93km.

Northern Cyprus has a small town, ‘Lapta,’ with the greenest locations and incredible history. Many British and Germans prefer to stay there for a more extended period to amuse themselves with the great stories associated with every place.

Many construction companies and individual constructors are restoring the old stone houses for selling in recent times. Moreover, many new villas and houses are built in the town’s vicinity to accommodate more people.

Subsequently, many real estate agents and agencies are working in the Lapta region to help and guide new residents about which property to invest in and which is the right place to choose for accommodation.

Lapta Real Estate

Over the past few years, the property market in Lapta has increased rapidly due to population increase and accommodation of new residents. Typically, the town is occupied by villas and houses.

Generally, villas are a house that was previously Roman upper-class residence. In Lapta, many villas are available for sale and rent. Several agencies are working on getting the buyers one at reasonable prices.

Lapta Villas for Sale


Many real estate agencies in Lapta offer ideal locations for sale at budget-friendly rates. Typically, a villa for sale in Lapta may cost around 130,000 GBP to 600,000 GBP. However, if you plan to buy a apartment , it may cost between 50,000 GBP to 100,000 GBP.

Similarly, many people prefer to live in a bungalow while relocating to the Lapta region. Such homes may cost them around 160,00 GBP to 315,000 GBP, depending on their location and size.

However, if you wish to live in a relatively bigger and luxury house with a swimming pool and a garden full of olives, it might cost you around 390,000 GBP to 1,000,000 GBP.

Lapta Villa for Rent

The rents of villas vary depending on their location, size, and available luxuries. Typically, the rent of a villa with a swimming pool in Lapta will cost around 138 GBP to 150 GBP per night.

Similarly, the home letting long term villas’ rent may vary from 600 GBP to 800 GBP per month. However, apartments in Lapta with a shared swimming pool may rent from 50 GBP to 70 GBP each night or 400-600 per month on long term contract.

However, many hotels and rental agencies offer packages during the vacation season. Alternatively, they also provide discount offers if you book an apartment, villa, or house for weeks.

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What to Think Before Buying a Property in Lapta?

Owning a home in a beautiful place is a dream of every individual. Everyone loves to stay close to nature and enjoy the unpolluted air. Recently, in Lapta, many Germans, Russians, Iranians, and Canadians, are moving into new homes and enjoying life near nature.

Before buying a property in Lapta, there are certain things you should keep in mind, including:

  • Location ; Always buy a property close to necessities like hospitals, schools, and grocery stores. It is essential to save time from long and hectic transportations.
  • Socialisation ; Another critical factor to consider before relocating is considering the social circle near you. There should be some people you can talk to or hang out with.
  • Infrastructure ; Does the place have plenty of water and electricity? If yes, what are the rate of supply? These are the basic needs of spending a peaceful life.
  • Resale Value ; Another aspect to consider is the resale value of your house if you plan to sell it in the future. It should be easy to resale the place.

Bottom Line

Whether you are planning to rent a villa or buy a house in Lapta, it is worth it because of the fascinating greener views and its background dynamics. Planning your next visit to Lapta can be an exciting idea to consider if you love to visit historic churches and mosques.

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