Property for rent in Northern Cyprus

Popular towns such as Kyrenia (AlsancakLaptaKarsiyakaOzankoy, Catalkoy, Arapkoy, Esentepe, Bahceli, Tatlisu) Top selected villas for sale in Northern Cyprus. Iskele long beach homes for sale

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Property to rent in Northern Cyprus

For such a small town in the North Cyprus Kyrenia packs a lot in it. Most beautiful beaches, chic harbour old town streets are 5-star hotels, clubs, delicate Mediterranean-inspired food restaurants, rich histories like an open-air museum, and many more hidden things that may keep you busy for weeks.

If you looking to spend some time in North Cyprus you can easily find fully furnished accommodations like private luxury villas with swimming pools, townhouses, apartments that are available to rent on a month-by-month basis,  long-term or short-term holiday let basis. Select Estate agents will help you find your ideal place to rent or let in Northern Cyprus.

There is various type of properties to rent in North Cyprus and these are apartments, townhouses, bungalows, penthouse, and private villas.

They all have different experiences to offer whether you would like to rent it out for the long term to enjoy with your family and friends or you just want to have a quick holiday let in Northern Cyprus there is plenty of type of property to choose from with affordable prices.

Private Villas at Kyrenia normally provide the perfect home for large or extended families to renting in North Cyprus. A place to entertain, meet, relax and even seal business deals or have a private holiday away from the busy environment. Private villas to rent come with more than just a bit of extra land and some have expansive beautiful landscaped gardens, private pools, and parking for a fleet of multiple cars. The rooms are generous with a formal and informal dining room.

Discover Unique Holidays with Airbnb in Northern Cyprus


Are you planning a visit to the stunning Mediterranean island of North Cyprus? Look no further than Airbnb to find a wide range of unique and charming accommodations that suit your preferences and budget. In this guide, we will explore the Airbnb options available in North Cyprus, highlighting the benefits of choosing this platform for your stay.


Diverse Accommodation Options:

Airbnb offers a diverse selection of accommodations in North Cyprus, catering to various travel styles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a cozy apartment, a luxurious villa, a traditional village house, or a seaside cottage, you’ll find a wide array of options on the platform. From budget-friendly choices to lavish retreats, Airbnb provides something for everyone.


Authentic Local Experiences:

By staying in an Airbnb property, you can immerse yourself in the local culture and experience North Cyprus like a resident. Many hosts are passionate about showcasing the beauty and heritage of their region, providing insider tips on local attractions, hidden gems, and traditional eateries. This personalized touch enhances your travel experience and allows you to create lasting memories.


Flexibility and Amenities:

Airbnb properties in North Cyprus often provide greater flexibility compared to traditional accommodations. You can choose from entire homes or apartments, private rooms, or shared spaces, depending on your preferences and travel needs. Many properties come with fully equipped kitchens, allowing you to prepare your meals and enjoy a home-away-from-home experience. Additionally, amenities such as Wi-Fi, parking facilities, swimming pools, and outdoor spaces are often available for your comfort and convenience.


Direct Communication with Hosts:

One of the advantages of Airbnb is the direct communication it facilitates between guests and hosts. Through the platform’s messaging system, you can easily communicate with your host before, during, and after your stay. This direct interaction enables you to ask questions, clarify any concerns, and receive personalized recommendations from a local perspective.


Reviews and Ratings:

Airbnb relies on a review and rating system that helps ensure quality and transparency. Before booking a property, you can read reviews from previous guests to gain insights into their experiences. This valuable feedback assists in making informed decisions and choosing accommodations that align with your expectations.


Safety and Trust:

Airbnb prioritizes safety and provides mechanisms to foster trust between hosts and guests. Verified profiles, secure payment systems, and the option to read hosts’ policies and house rules contribute to a secure booking process. Additionally, Airbnb’s customer support is available to address any issues that may arise during your stay.



Airbnb offers a wide range of unique and authentic accommodations in North Cyprus, allowing you to customize your travel experience and discover the beauty of this Mediterranean gem. From comfortable apartments in bustling towns to serene villas nestled by the sea, Airbnb provides an excellent platform to find accommodations that suit your preferences. Enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and local connections that Airbnb offers, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay in North Cyprus.


When booking through Airbnb, remember to review property details, read guest reviews, and communicate openly with hosts to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience. Embark on your North Cyprus adventure with Airbnb and create unforgettable memories in this enchanting destination.


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Villas to rent in North Cyprus. Luxury Private villas can be rented out from 5 GBP per square meter per month for the long term but for the short term, they get let out from 1 GBP per square meter per day. These prices normally include all maintenance costs. But due to low supply and high demand private property prices may go higher in next coming years.

Apartments to rent are normally located at city centers in North Cyprus but you can still find some holiday let apartments outskirts of towns too.  They rent out from 0.5 GBP per square meter per month for the long term and short-term prices can be changed from season to season and town to town so it’s difficult to give any quotes.

Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features where they are placed on the top floor of the building and offer the best views of the skyline and Kyrenia city Girne.

The popularity of penthouse, where privacy and space increasingly became hard to find amid the rising population. And every private and exclusive property has its own value.

When it comes to prices to rent penthouses in North Cyprus don’t be surprised to see the prices over 1,000 GBP per month where you can get same size apartments from 400 GBP per month.

There is a niche market that could be categorised as the penthouse market. Investors or buyers in this category, who crave privacy, luxury, and value uniqueness, seek the best apartments to rent or buy in North Cyprus.

In North Cyprus Apartments with access to gardens are called Garden Apartments. Day by day demands are growing more with this type of apartments in North Cyprus.

They are very rare to find and the property prices are higher than first-floor apartments.

Select Estates International is proud to present private properties such as luxury villas, apartments, and townhouses to let or rent video tours in North Cyprus, Kyrenia.

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