Luxury homes specialist in Northern Cyprus

Luxury homes specialist in Northern Cyprus

Luxury homes for sale


If you’re looking for luxury property in Northern Cyprus there is one stop Real Estate company you must go to.

Select Estates International is the leading agent when it comes to luxury properties in Northern Cyprus.

With a wide choice of properties for sale or rent from Villas to Penthouses Select Estates International have a great many options. Select Estates has prime position in the Real Estate sector in Norther Cyprus to help with every aspect of property buying and selling whether it is for Commercial purposes, Investments or private buyers.

Select Estates International was established 17 years ago in 2005 by Cenap Turgut and his wife Ozyar Turgut in Northern Cyprus.  They have built up a strong portfolio over the years and their expertise is second to none in this business sector and they have become the top realtor in the luxury housing sector in Northern Cyprus.  Select Estates International have seen year-on-year growth in the real estate market as a direct result of their marketing prowess and successful business strategy.

Cenap the Broker and property consultant is passionate about his profession and hugely motivated, his wife Ozyar is a graduate of law school and specialising in property conveyancing.  They have created a formidable partnership combining their skills to deliver exceptional quality services to their clients.

Leading luxury estate agent in Kyrenia North Cyprus

Over the course of almost two decades in the Real Estate sector Cenap and his wife Ozyar have developed and honed their skills with a dynamic and forward-thinking application as would befit a 21st century business.  What’s made them so successful is their attention to detail and the diligence they incorporate into their work. Select Estates International provides the best service because they continue to build on a solid reputation they’ve earned and they understand that reputation is everything.

There are a number of key factors which are fundamental to building a good reliable reputation.  These are foundations of Select Estates International.

  1. Understanding the market place.

Being able to determine accurately market trends upward and downward turns.  Understanding how global issues affect the market place either in a positive or negative way which in turn affect valuations and sales of properties.  Select Estates International have their finger on the pulse.  Its important to analyse domestic and global issues which relate to land and property and be ahead of the game.  Good information and analysis of data from various sources can only be effective with strategic market procedures.

  1. Networking

Luxury homes specialist in Northern Cyprus. Gathering local and international real estate market data and implementing a robust strategy internationally making the most effective use of resources requires networking.  An efficient networking policy and teams create success.  Select Estates International have networking agreements with international partners and buyers private individuals including high-net-worth investors from UK, Germany, Dubai, Israel the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

  1. Understanding the clients’ requirements.

Luxury homes specialist Select Estates International are expert realtors in Northern Cyprus because they listen to and understand the client’s property criteria. Based in the hot tourist location of Kyrenia (Girne) they know the ins and outs of living on the island.  This in-depth knowledge is hugely important for buyers and investors who benefit from their expertise.  They guide you every step of the way starting with making the right choice of property for you based on your criteria. For example, they can assist families with an elderly parent or sick partner who requires more regular care by offering properties close to hospitals or care homes.  They can offer properties close to the best private schools or universities for families with children.

  1. Matching appropriate buyers to sellers enhances one’s reputation.

An exceptional realtor listens to and understands the sellers’ expectations while assessing the buyer’s integrity also.  Its not for the sake of showing as many people as many houses that one acquires a good reputation.  Select Estates International look at the affordability of the buyer.  Matching the right buyer to the right seller not only saves time for everyone and minimises any frustrations but also generates a sale in the most hassle free and pleasant way.  Clients can even buy property in Northern Cyprus with Select Estates using Bitcoin crypto currency, yet another benefit.


  1. Private property consultancy

Select Estates International have a hugely popular and successful high tech marketing platform advertised within multimedia providers.  Using drone technology, videos as well as photographs they present advertised in the most visual way. Potential buyers can see on video on youtube a birds-eye view of the entirety of the property and its neighbourhood in geographic proximity with its wider location. From a buyer’s perspective they can have a virtual tour of the property, the village and the district also.  This amazing feature in all their property advertisements has made Select Estates International grow from strength to strength especially to overseas buyers. Many buyers from abroad have bought properties this way from Select Estates solely from the video content. These can be seen on and on Facebook.

Select Estates International has a growing fan base on with over 1,100 followers.  The latest videos are uploaded and can be viewed on any device anywhere in the world.


  1. Information

Select Estates International constantly ahead of the game.  The website is frequently updated with properties but also with Cyprus non-political news. The have interesting articles for people and families looking to relocate to Northern Cyprus on a wide variety of useful topics.  Some of the articles include English Schools in Northern Cyprus and the education system they use, Bringing your own furniture to Northern Cyprus-Shipping agents and customs duty, heath-care and the difference between state hospitals and private ones and many more.

Select Estates International have built a reputation on outstanding service delivery focused on achieving results in a fair and trusted ethical way.  They keep abreast of the trends and are proactive.  They also provide the full package of services from survey, searches into documentation and locality, full legal assistance from beginning to end and updates throughout the process.  They are motivated and dynamic with a non-stop focus on service.  They can provide translation services and have network resources to assist global partners and clients.  Their experts in luxury property sales catering also to high-net-worth buyers and investors, that’s why they are the best in Northern Cyprus.


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