Buy to let rental investment properties for beginners

Buy to let rental investment properties for beginners

Buying rental properties, also known as buy-to-let properties, for investment can be a highly profitable strategy, but it requires careful consideration and good knowledge of the market. Property investment is often seen as a safe and straightforward way to generate passive income. Unfortunately, many people, including professionals like businesspeople, make mistakes when investing in buy-to-let properties.

Before we get into our main topic, let me briefly explain: there are two types of agents—selling agents who focus solely on marketing and may not prioritize the buyer’s pocket and rights, and property consultants like me, or in some countries, they are called buyers’ agents. However, around 90% of buyers hesitate to hire a consultant, thinking they can find the best deals on their own. It’s not their fault, though, and I don’t blame them because nowadays, many people on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram claim to be property agents. These social platforms and the internet have made it simple for anyone to act like a real estate expert, bombarding consumers with tons of choices. With so much information online, it’s no surprise that buyers might feel confused and decide to handle the market by themselves. With this many choices, anyone could get spoiled and become a master of the game. What they forget is that property consultants are also agents with extensive knowledge of the market.

Property consultants, working around the clock, may have access to the best deals, sometimes up to 10-20% below market price. These opportunities are not always publicly marketed, as consultants may reserve them for their regular clients or for personal investment. Large institutions, banks, and businesspeople often prefer working with consultants because they bring exclusive deals to the table.

Whether investors choose to work with consultants or not, there are three crucial factors to consider:

1. **Location:** The top priority is the location. Identify the best areas with a strong buy-to-let market, where there is or will be high demand for rentals but fewer available properties on the current market.

2. **Price:** Ensure that the property is reasonably priced, preferably below market value, to maximize your returns.

3. **Property Condition:** Choose a property in good condition to avoid spending more than 15% of the purchase price on repairs and furnishings.

Working with a consultant can streamline the process, as they handle the research and negotiations. To learn more about determining the best price and location, refer to my previous videos.


If you’re aiming to make a smart property investment, it’s crucial to do thorough research, seek advice from professionals, and evaluate the potential for the area to grow in value. This approach will give you confidence in your purchase, ensuring you get a fair price now and the chance for financial gain in the future. For those whose main goal is investment rather than finding a place to live, it’s essential to stay informed about the local market trends daily. Collaborating with reputable, locally-based, licensed real estate agents is key.

Our company offers personalized consultation services for buyers. If your time is limited and you’re eager to make a sound investment to maximize your returns, we are here to help. By taking advantage of our expertise, you can save time and make an informed decision. To learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your investment goals and to see the range of services we provide, please explore the links we’ve provided below. This way, you can ensure that your investment decisions are as informed and strategic as possible, setting you up for the best possible outcomes in your real estate ventures.

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