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Is buying land good investment in North Cyprus

Could fast population growth will affect property demand and land prices. Global population growth alongside impacting the demand for new houses on the market.

Developers rushing to reach the demand by supplying more but we only have one earth and Limited supply of lands available for sale in North Cyprus. The limited supply of land will continue an appreciation of land values more than any other type of properties as long as you invest at the right location.

The limited

Land Investment gives you financial security and peace of mind. Today the tech, cryptocurrency, and blockchain industry any many of other fast-growing newest millionaires and fastest-growing companies first investment hub is on real estate. The Number of Millionaires is continuing to Increase but banks are getting difficult to deposit these fast-grooving companies funds, as well as high taxes are another problem for them. Some of them finding the solution to escape to offshores but everything has limits.

The first initial investment is on real estate but the faster the companies continue to grove number of purchased properties becomes more headache and another sub-department to look after these issues, or to manage. Land investment is the safest port for rich and high-net-worth companies to invest. It’s easy to buy and doesn’t need any maintenance, as long as you buy at the right location and right price it’s easier to sell and profit when needed.

Whether you are looking to buy land in North Cyprus to build your dream home in Kyrenia or you are thinking of long-term investment, North Cyprus has more to offer than any other country.

Land investment is a long-term, tangible asset that doesn’t depreciate. Unlikely like other residential or commercial real estate land investment doesn’t need any yearly cost or maintenance. It doesn’t get broken, stolen, or destroyed. With the right location and right price, it’s easier to sell and profit when needed.

Northern Cyprus is a gorgeous island country located in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. Well known for its fresh produce, wines, mineral wealth, natural beauty mountains, fertile valleys its truly beautiful destination filled with breathtaking scenery. Not only the beautiful lands and sites, waiting to be discovered Cyprus has mystic history and waiting to be discovered silently for more than a century.

After the covid Northern Cyprus becoming a popular destination with its wild unspoiled coastline and Mediterranean climate which offers all year-round sunshine. Northern Cyprus offers a great work/life balance and much more for investors.

Buying land in Northern Cyprus involves some regulations.

Real estate and property Laws in North Cyprus Non-TRNC Citizens of Turkish Republics of Northern Cyprus buyers there are no restrictions on property ownership, except entitled to take the removable property /house title deeds to only one property up to a maximum area of 5 donums per person providing that the property only consists of one dwelling.

Property law ın Northern Cyprus for Non-TRNC Citizens, husband and wife may now purchase one property each in their names (previously, this was one property per household and husband and wife were counted as one household, but this has since changed).

If you wish to take title to more than one property, or property over 5 donums you need to use trustees or set up a TRNC limited company LLC to hold the title to the property for you.

Purchasing land alone with no built house on it has a different law. Non-TRNC Citizens can buy 1 donum of land each in their own names. If they wish to purchase or invest a larger amount of land, then they need to set up a TRNC limited company LLC to be able to buy unlimited size and amount of land in North Cyprus. Kyrenia real estate market is the most popular property and land investment spot in Northern Cyprus.

There are some building regulations set by the city planning office about development lands in North Cyprus. Every location, town, city center has different regulations and zones. In some locations called green or forest areas where you are not allowed to build anything. There are blue zones where you are only limited to building Tourism purposes buildings such as Hotel or entertainment commercial buildings. Development lands at City centers may allow you to build up to 5-10 floor high-rise buildings but on some locations, you have limited only 2-floor buildings with a limited number of units. It’s best to ask your estate agent for a full report or from the local council and city planning office before you purchase or invest.

Buying land in Northern Cyprus with a desire to build your design can be very rewarding if you have the time, patience, and ambition. Not only We are offering the most affordable and prime lands for sale in Kyrenia we also have a project management department to help our clients to build their dream houses for a hassle-free process.

Please feel free to check our project management section or list our available lands for sale at Kyrenia, Alsancak, Esentepe, Karsiyaka, Bahceli, Alagadi, iskele, and the rest of Northern Cyprus.

North Cyprus land for sale

Land prices are changing from town to town in North Cyprus. For example, Land prices at Kyrenia town city start from 500 GBP per square meter, where you can get a beautiful lot of land for sale at Alsancak from 150 GBP per square meter or 100 GBP per square meter at Karsiyaka or Esentepe. Prices are increasing according to the location of the city center, hospitals and amenities, and as well as infrastructures plays a very important impact on the value of lands in Northern Cyprus.

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