How Property video tours boosting sales in real estate?

Property video tours boosting sales in real estate

Property video tours have become a highly effective tool for estate agents to showcase properties to potential buyers. These tours provide a virtual walk-through of the property and allow buyers to get a realistic sense of the space and layout without physically being there. Here are a few reasons why property video tours are successful tools for estate agents:

Enhance the Buying Experience: Video tours enable prospective buyers to view a property at their own pace, replay specific segments of the tour, and get a clear sense of the space. They can get a feel for the layout, the overall flow of the property, and imagine how they would use the space.
Increase Reach: Video tours can be shared on social media, websites, and other platforms, allowing estate agents to reach a wider audience beyond those who can physically attend viewings. This enables estate agents to expand their customer base and generate more leads.
Time-Saving: Property video tours enable estate agents to showcase a property to multiple potential buyers without having to physically attend multiple viewings. This saves time and resources for estate agents and enables them to handle more enquiries and focus on other aspects of their business.
Better Screening: Property video tours allow potential buyers to get a good understanding of the property before committing to a physical viewing. This means that only serious buyers will attend the physical viewing, which can save time for both the estate agent and the seller.
For example, a UK-based estate agent, Andrews Property Group, created a video tour of a £3.5 million mansion in the countryside of Gloucestershire. The property was initially marketed without much interest from potential buyers. After creating a video tour of the property, the estate agent was able to generate over 4,000 views on their website, resulting in multiple enquiries and a successful sale.
Similarly, a US-based estate agent, Halstead, created a video tour of a $4.4 million penthouse in New York City. The tour showcased the stunning views and luxurious features of the property, which generated significant interest from potential buyers. The property was ultimately sold to a buyer who had only viewed the property through the video tour.

Enes Yilmazer is a successful real estate agent who is well-known for creating high-quality property video tours that showcase the features and highlights of luxury properties. Here are some steps you can follow to create property video tours like Enes Yilmazer:

Plan the video: Before filming, plan out the shots and the key features of the property you want to highlight. Think about the type of video you want to create, the style and tone, and the audience you want to target.
Use high-quality equipment: Use professional-grade equipment, including a high-quality camera, a tripod, and a stabilizer to create smooth, steady footage. You can also consider using a drone to capture aerial shots of the property and its surroundings.
Create a script: Write a script that highlights the key features of the property and includes relevant information, such as the property’s location, size, and price.
Capture the footage: Capture footage of the property using different angles, lighting, and movements to make the video more dynamic and engaging. Make sure to use natural light as much as possible and avoid shaky footage.
Edit the video: Use video editing software to edit the footage and create a polished final product. Add music, transitions, and text overlays to enhance the video’s visual appeal.
Publish and share: Once the video is complete, publish it on your website and social media channels. Use relevant hashtags and tags to reach a wider audience and encourage viewers to share the video with their networks.
While creating high-quality property video tours like Enes Yilmazer may require some investment in equipment and time, it can be a highly effective way to showcase luxury properties and attract potential buyers. By following these steps, you can create engaging and informative property video tours that capture the attention of your target audience and help you sell more properties.

Property video tours boosting sales in real estate

Cenap Turgut
Cenap Turgut
Cenap Turgut become luxury property agent after start creating real estate video tours on youtube for North cyprus property market
Cenap Turgut, a real estate agent based in North Cyprus, was struggling to differentiate himself from other agents in the competitive luxury property market. However, after experimenting with creating video tours of the properties he was selling and posting them on YouTube, Cenap saw a significant increase in both views and sales.
Cenap had always been passionate about real estate, and his expertise in the luxury property market was second to none. However, he realized that simply listing properties on his website was no longer enough to attract potential buyers. He needed to find a new way to showcase the stunning properties he was selling and engage with his audience.
After doing some research, Cenap discovered that video marketing was becoming increasingly popular, and he decided to give it a try. He began by creating short, high-quality videos of the properties he was selling. Each video showcased the property’s unique features, from its location and views to its design and amenities.
Cenap then posted these videos on YouTube, where they quickly gained traction. The videos were not only visually stunning, but they also helped potential buyers get a better sense of the properties they were interested in. Cenap was able to reach a wider audience and generate more leads as a result.
Cenap Turgut
Cenap Turgut
As his YouTube channel grew in popularity, Cenap’s reputation as a luxury property agent also grew. He began to receive more inquiries and requests for viewings from interested buyers. His unique approach to marketing had helped him stand out in a crowded market and establish himself as a leading agent in North Cyprus.
Today, Cenap is a sought-after luxury property agent with a thriving business. He continues to create high-quality videos of the properties he sells and posts them on his YouTube channel, which now has thousands of subscribers. Cenap’s success is a testament to the power of video marketing and the importance of finding creative ways to stand out in a competitive industry.
In conclusion, property video tours have become an essential tool for estate agents to showcase properties and generate interest from potential buyers. They provide a realistic sense of the property and enable estate agents to reach a wider audience, save time and resources, and better screen potential buyers.

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