Best places to buy property in Northern Cyprus 

Finding the Ideal Location to Buy and Live in Northern Cyprus

In the realm of real estate, the adage “LOCATION – LOCATION – LOCATION” reigns supreme. Picture this: You stumble upon a magnificent house, but alas, it’s nestled in the wrong neighborhood. It’s akin to believing you’ve struck gold, only to discover it’s a mere chunk of quartz. Conversely, the right location can transform an ordinary investment into something extraordinary.

The Significance of Location in Real Estate

So, why does location wield such profound influence when you’re in the market for property? The answer lies in the multifaceted impact that a property’s location exerts on its value, desirability, and growth potential.

Aligning Your Life Goals and Location

Before delving into the selection process, it’s imperative to introspect. Consider your life goals, career aspirations, and community preferences. Your stage of life, whether you’re a socialite seeking a bustling city or a retiree yearning for tranquility, should significantly shape your choices.

Key Factors That Make Location Paramount

1. Long-Term Growth

Let’s delve into the crux of the matter – **Value and Demand**:

Properties proximate to schools, universities, shops, restaurants, hotels, business hubs, and transportation nodes bask in popularity due to their accessibility. Safe and aesthetically pleasing neighborhoods are equally coveted. Some locations appreciate significantly over time, especially if they are strategically situated. Proximity to schools, businesses, and recreational facilities adds immense value. Green spaces and local attractions further sweeten the deal. In essence, location is the heartbeat of your investment, nurturing its growth within a thriving community.

2. Identifying Your Purpose

The purpose behind your property acquisition is pivotal. Are you investing, retiring, or pursuing another objective? If it’s investment-oriented, a location within a city boasting schools, universities, businesses, and shops is judicious. Gauge local demands and align with the preferences of other discerning buyers – akin to dining where the locals dine.

For non-investment pursuits, your choices widen. Without children under 18, you have the liberty to choose a location that resonates with your happiness. However, for families with school-going children, proximity to quality schools within a 20-minute drive is indispensable.

Research: Your Beacon in Location Selection

How do you unearth these promising locales brimming with untapped potential? The answer lies in diligent research, a cornerstone of prudent property investment. Home acquisition is a substantial commitment that warrants meticulous examination.

Pay unwavering attention to indicators such as esteemed educational institutions, well-equipped healthcare facilities, vibrant dining and shopping precincts, and convenient transportation networks. These are the harbinger of success in your chosen neighborhood.

In the words of wise investors, “Think of investing as planting a tree – nurturing it today for a lush tomorrow. A well-chosen location acts as the sunlight that nurtures growth over the years.”

Prime Locations in North Cyprus

Now, let’s zoom in on North Cyprus. The ideal location hinges on your unique needs and objectives. Here are some insights:

 1. Kyrenia: A Gem Worth Considering

Kyrenia, in particular, stands out as an excellent choice. The western areas of Kyrenia, such as Alsancak, Lapta, and Karsiyaka, are burgeoning hotspots. They boast superior infrastructure, picturesque beaches, an array of dining options, and an upcoming marina project in Lapta, poised to enhance the area’s allure.

2. Rental Considerations

If you’re eyeing long-term rental prospects, proximity to town remains a wise bet. However, for short-term Airbnb-style investments, you can venture a bit farther from the city center. Nonetheless, proximity to town invariably commands greater demand and promises appreciating property values.

3. Diverse Communities

Consider locales where a diverse blend of nationalities coexist harmoniously with locals. Areas like Esentepe, Tatlisu, and Iskele primarily target overseas buyers but often lack robust infrastructure. Many properties in these zones are overpriced, and substantial price appreciation in the short term seems unlikely. Rental potential may also be constrained due to stiff competition.

Furthermore, keep an eye out for signs of development and infrastructure enhancements. Well-planned road networks, public services, and amenities are magnets for residents and investors alike, invariably elevating property values.

Tailoring Location to Your Goals

The ultimate choice depends on your long-term objectives. Are you planning to settle permanently in North Cyprus, or is this a part-time residence? Your decision profoundly influences your choice of location. If you seek a tranquil retirement haven, a serene locale might be your preference. Conversely, if you crave vibrancy and proximity to bustling activity, a town like Kyrenia may align with your vision.

The Crucial Role of Patience

In the world of real estate, haste can be your undoing. Take ample time to explore various neighborhoods, engage with local residents, and consult with seasoned real estate experts well-versed in the North Cyprus region. Their insights are invaluable, helping you make a discerning choice aligned with your needs and investment goals.

Investing in Kyrenia: A Strategic Move

In summary, if you aspire to safeguard your investment against economic turbulence and ensure substantial appreciation, gravitate towards Kyrenia in North Cyprus. It’s akin to purchasing property in London during the 1980s – the closer you are to the city center, the more substantial your profits.

Investing in the right location affords numerous benefits, including enhanced access to amenities, heightened demand from renters and buyers, and the potential for property values to escalate expeditiously.

Who needs diversification or market analysis when you have invested in the right location? Your investment’s performance is almost guaranteed, even amid challenging economic circumstances.

Now, as you embark on your journey to find the perfect location in Northern Cyprus, remember that location isn’t just a word; it’s the cornerstone of real estate success.


Some of the best places to buy property in Northern Cyprus include: Kyrenia (Girne), Esentepe, Lapta, Iskele, Tatlisu. Kyrenia (Girne): This historic town is a popular tourist destination and has a range of properties available, including apartments, villas, and traditional stone houses.

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