How much is my home worth in North Cyprus? 

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How Much Is My House Worth in North Cyprus?

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Vendors Guide to selling property in Northern Cyprus – agent fees

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How to sell your house fast? How to sell My house in North Cyprus?

Right real estate agent decisions are life changing when you selling your home. The property expertise of who represents you when buying or selling can make the difference of thousands to hundreds of GBP.

Select Estates International is a leading estate agency and property specialist based in Kyrenia Northern Cyprus. We are working across local, national, and international property markets, delivering unrivalled customer service through our team. We have a large database of high-net-worth clients at our fingertips. It only takes one of them to fall in love with your property.

Not only do we give you a realistic valuation of your property in North Cyprus, but we also know the best way to present it to the real estate market.

What makes the US different than other estate agents in Kyrenia?

  • Personal Service

We are with you from valuation to completion, ensuring your property sale stays on track. Our commitment to acting honestly, with integrity, and always with clients’ best interests at heart, is fundamental to everything we do.
We behave responsibly and ethically.
We adhere to the highest standards of professional and Business ethics

  • Best Technology

Not only do we list your property on the best platforms and social media, but we also go further, we produce a property video tour and a 360 virtual tour which is listed on YouTube to enable buyers to see the full potential of your house visually which enables us to sell faster and more ONLINE. Don’t worry all our marketing tools are free for our clients.

  • More Buyers

We have a large network of local and international property buyers. We skill-fully match property buyers with sellers hence require more properties for sale in North Cyprus. Means More property buyers and More demand.

Rest assured you are in professional hands. We will be with you every step of the way, we will facilitate and guide you through all the legal and financial procedures making the whole process stress-free and safe.




Vendors Guide to Selling Property in North Cyprus

The beauty and relaxing nature of North Cyprus, in the midst of its allure, is definitely an enticing magnet for many. In addition, the properties’ decent and cheap price ranges have worked as butter to bread in attracting clients and crowds to this lovely location. But wait a minute, the scenario isn’t quite so good for the sellers. Of course, budgeting while maintaining profit is a significant task.

So, if you’re looking to sell your home in North Cyprus, here’s a comprehensive guide. Continue reading to learn more.

Typically, there are three stages to selling a home:

* Pre-sale stage

* Active-sale stage

* The final stretch

– Pre-selling stage: This is the first, most important, and most crucial step! It entails the following procedures.

1- Take charge of your goal!

The first and the most important phase entails taking a firm initiative after careful consideration and planning. Your goals, as well as your plans, must be clear. All doubts and queries must be cleared at this stage. The use of social media sites and Google, in particular, can help.

Remember that completing this step correctly might assist in paving the way for the remainder, as it allows you to go step by step systematically.

Here’s a pro tip! If you’re unsure about something, write it down on paper and list all the prospective benefits and drawbacks.

3- Do some market research!

To have a firm grasp on the context, have detailed market research. The step takes weeks or months. This includes joining groups, reading the daily and weekly papers, and networking with others who share your interests. In order to maximize the profit, you must have a grip over the market’s ups and downs, as well as general customer expectations and requirements, to put the deal in the best possible light. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the house yourself or through an agent; you’ll need to do your homework.

4- The Renovations necessity!

The step goes side by side with the above two. Make a list of all the necessary renovations and upgrades which are required, and then whittle down the list to the ones that are deemed vital. Remember to be accurate and only accomplish what is necessary, as over-budgeting for this stage can prove to be a costly mistake.

Apart from remodeling, a complete and thorough cleaning as well as decluttering is also required to make the home presentable. A fresh coat of paint could be relaxing and therapeutic.


5- The Mash of Packing Up!

Once you’ve decided to relocate and sell your home, you must recall how tough it is to pack and relocate. We recommend that you begin doing this ahead of time to avoid unnecessary tiredness and worry. Simply start picking up the items that aren’t needed or start relocating them to a single location in your house. This will enable you to get an approximate estimate of the items you have and will also assist you in determining the best future location in terms of space. Hey, here comes the reminder again, don’t forget to get rid of the things you know you don’t need.


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