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Anyone who travelled to Northern Cyprus has likely had the experience of falling in love with the culture, food, sunny weather and relax lifestyle. While some people just dream of someday owning property here, others take steps further to invest and to live. While buying a property in a foreign country can be exciting, it’s not something to undertake without research and expert advice. As with all investments, there is some risk when investing in property. However, you can minimise this risk while maximising profit by getting help from professional experts

We will make your property search easy, safe and profitable.

Buying a house abroad is a serious financial decision. It’s definitely made more complicated by the fact that you want to buy abroad, when you don’t know the country or cant speak the local language.

Further more from property transactions to taxes, area locations to market prices, new regulations to legal paperwork’s, local negotiation mentality to geographical mind-set, unexperienced agents these factor can all work agains you, your knowledge and experiences.

More important you are not property expert or at in Northern Cyprus.

For many European property investors, finding a property to meet their targets and satisfy their desires can be a challenge.

Simply relying on pictures and information from platforms or agents websites is not enough.

Property search is not something you can simply Google.

One of the biggest differences when buying property in North Cyprus is the lack of a multiple listing of the properties with multiple agents but outdated information.

In addition, real estate agents in many countries work solely for their commission rather than representing the interests of the buyers.

As they say “It’s not about what you know. It’s who you know”.

You don’t need to know everything and everyone, you just need the right consultants or expert of team to be successful. You work all your life and been smart enough to make success and all your savings, now its time to move abroad and invest to a new life you deserve. But one small mistake may cost you hard earnings and heartbreaking unsuccessful experience. You don’t need that, do you? Time is so important to waste with time wasters and so your savings.

  • Finding the right property at right location
  • The right price
  • Local regulations
  • Finding the right style & type of property.
  • Choosing the correct agent, who is licensed, has the correct knowledge and experience
  • Having the knowledge of the legal requirements and buying process

Challenges buyers regularly face:

There are currently 18,000 properties listed on platforms in North Cyprus, many of which are not available, are with a range of agents or the information is out of date. 

Thinking that you find the best friendly agent who speaks your mother language doesn’t mean you are in safe hands in fact agents has only one mission, Sell. That’s they job and they target on everyday work when they wake up. They eyes only see you as buyer, they are only interesting to find you anything that you will like to sell. They will only tell you what you should be know and only positive facts. May be that’s not ethical, but end of the day they work for seller not for you.

How do you ensure that you buy the right property and minimise the potential risks involved?

In fact, it is all the more reason to take your time and do your research to ensure that your property investment is ideal for you, or that it has been checked by professional consultant. 

Don’t fall into the trap that every house for sale you see on internet or on property platforms are up-to-date or accurate right information. Almost %60 of the properties on the platforms are either sold, overpriced or prices has changed.

Private Consultant

Cenap, specializes in property consulting for overseas individuals and wealthy families on prime residential property purchases in North Cyprus.

Having spent the last decade finding and securing the finest homes in North Cyprus for his private clients.

He is one of the first property consultant independently advising for clients from all over the world foreign and property investors.

North Cyprus real estate market.
Running his real estate company.
Experiences at London, Dubai, Turkey
North Cyprus Video Tour YouTuber

Making mistakes when buying overseas property can be costly, time-consuming and very stressful, with the potential to completely derail your plans for a new life or investment abroad.

To protect yourself against these sort of problems, Our legal team and real estate experts will guide you through the whole process 24/7 so you can make your plans a reality safely and with no hidden surprises.

If you are considering buying property in North Cyprus and want to skip the long and tiring process, We can help you in doing that. With our secure, independent and transparent consultancy offer.

Customer Testimonials

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Manager, Company Inc.
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The value that we provide you

  • From the offset you are working with real estate experts and business minded professionals. Your time is a priority and we do not want to waste it, a tailor-made service for YOU
  • Filtering the clients need through the extensive property market pool
    Saving money, time and with unnecessary cost of travel expenses
  • A full report will be provided to you by on the properties suiting your criteria
    • Video walk through
    • Drone shots providing a idea of the location & neighborhood
    • Valuations
    • Title deed and legal searches
  • 24/7 access to your personal professional real estate expert
  • Customer service being a priority
  • Preventing a stress/hassle free service
  • Security for your investment
  • Negotiating tips, providing you with power & strength when purchasing

For 100% win win, secure and stress free investment 

Our EXCLUSIVE Consultancy service includes

  • We filter through all the properties available on market from all agents and platforms
  • We provide Title deed searches
  • Property valuations
  • Drone and Video shots of the properties
  • 24/7 Direct support with your Private agent
  • Full independent advice


Our legal conveyancing service from our in house team, the work involves;

  • All necessary searches
  • Contracts
  • Permission to purchase application
  • Submission of all paperwork
  • Tax payment
  • Transfer of title deeds

“Protect your hard-earned money!”

Buying a house abroad should be an exciting prospect, not something that causes you stress. However, if you make some of the common mistakes then there is every chance that you will end up with a lot of issues and you might well regret your decision.

If you choose to hire our Exclusive Consultancy services you will save from time, money and you will get best security check ups with the speed of 3 days. You will get professional taylor made consultancy for every spect and step from the beginning till the end.

That’s why you need independent consultant who will work only for your benefits and will be only on your site.

I use my in-depth market knowledge and extensive industry network to provide our clients with access to the best information and contacts with right property, both on and off-market. Checking every aspect of the purchase process from start to finish.

I’m a expert in North Cyprus real estate market and are ready to offer you the very best independent advice to help you realise your property investment requirements and goals. Not only we will save you time and eliminate all dangerous legal barriers, with my negotiation skills I guarantee that I will get you best price you can get and save you x3-10 than what you paid for. My service is based on the trust, discretion and confidentiality.

Look forward to work for you.

The Complete Property Solutions

Express Search
3 bussines day (Delivery)
1 Title Deed Search
1 Aerial Drone Video
1 House Video
Property Report
FREE Valuation
Exclusive Consultancy
Full Package - Valid for 6 months
5 Aerial Drone Video
5 House Video
3 Title Deed Search
2 Valuation Report
24/7 Consultant Support
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Why Choose Our Consultant Service

There are many advantages by using our conveyance services.

  • It will save you time and money
  • Filtering the properties available
  • Finding the right property with right priced
  • We can provide a search on a particular property in 3-5 days whereas this can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to be shared with the client
  • You will have a property expert working for you 24/7
  • Stress free with advance and fast legal search
  • Conveyance service is inclusive

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can choose and send us any property form any platform or agents

No. You are free to choose to get conveyancing service from us or from others.

You can pay only %10 extra and extend the time period for another 3 months but services will be extra if exceeded.

Choose our Consultant Service

Express Search
3 bussines day (Delivery)
1 Legal Search Report
1 Aerial Drone Video
1 House Video
FREE Valuation Report
Private Consultancy
Full Package - Valid for 6 months
5 Aerial Drone Video
5 House Video
3 Legal Search Report
2 Valuation Report
24/7 Consultant Support
Legal Property Conveyancer
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North Cyprus Market Review
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